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Ashok Vankineni

Ashok is the founder and director of Bodhi Wellness Centre, Hyderabad. He is a certified corporate wellness coach, NLP practitioner & a registered yoga teacher. Ashok has completed his Bachelors and Executive Program in Business Management from IIM, Kolkata.


Satyanarayan is one of the most senior trainers of the Institute and is well versed with the knowledge of Indian scriptures and mythology. Students adore his nag for simplifying complex topics and practical approach. Also an advanced Reiki practitioner.


Jayaprakash Nambaru is the programme coordinator for the Yoga Teacher Training and is a certified Yoga Teacher. He is a certified life coach and an NLP Trainer. Associated with Bodhi Yoga Institute from inception and trained by the founder and chief trainer.


Journey started with her first pregnancy in London. A day without yoga in pregnancy would make her body stiff and achy. She decided to do a class in a prenatal yoga class by Tara lee who is a renowned yoga instructor in U.K. The thirst to learn didn't end there..


Leela is an internationally certified 200hrs trained yoga trainer. She is well versed with Ashtang-Vinyasa, Power yoga and her students adore her highly intense and lively classes. Leela well defines the meaning of her name. She loves to play with yogic postures.


Will be updated soon. The mission of Bodhi Yoga Institute is to spread the authentic and holistic yogic wisdom for good health, well-being, spiritual growth and self-discovery of individuals. This aim can be effectively realized only by firstly uplifting individual's awareness.

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